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Dear Fellow Shelby CAN AM Enthusiast:

I am creating a history of the approximately 76 Shelby CAN AM numbered chassis assembled and built from 1989 up through the mid 1990ís. My interest is in: 1) what is/was your chassis number/s, 2) who originally owned your chassis, 3) who did you purchase it from, 4) If sold, to whom, where, when, 5) who drove the car, racing number, year/s, 6) pictures of the car now and then, including SCCA number plate near gear shift lever, 7) a picture of you, the owner/driver with/without the car.

PLEASE do not hesitate to write volumes of additional information you may want to share with me. At the present time I have photos of about half of the original chassis, as they raced in the series, and as they look today. I have a file on each known chassis number from the original prototype experimental PX1 up to the last documented car to be assembled, #074.  A number of the original cars have been extensively developed, re-bodied, re-engined to run as very handsome sports racers in South Africa. I have communicated with numerous current owners of the S. African cars and they, too, are interested in the history of their cars and have provided photos of their cars, as they appear today.

If you have questions for me, I am willing to share any and all information I have on the cars. I have had extensive conversations with the original personalities involved in bringing these cars to reality, including Mr. Shelby, Bill Neal, Steve Hope, Tom Hutchison, Joel Jackson, LeeAnne Nash, Wally Gerhardt, most Shelby Vehicle Representatives (SVRís), many current and former owners, probably including you, at one time or another!

I thank you for sharing all of the joy and some of the frustration you have experienced with your SCA.


Robert D. Johnston
SCA #038

Cell: 561-373-5211

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