Daytona International Speedway - November 16-17, 2013

A good day for the team today.

Dalton Zehr started 7th based on his qualifying time of 1:54.124 this morning with the Porsche Group 7. Since there was a nine second difference between Dalton and the second qualifier (Porsche) I asked the race director to move us to the fastest class, even if we had to start in the back of the field. The morning was wet and the track was much slower than Friday's practice time of 1:52.241 but we were confident the car had more speed in it based on Sir Elliott Forbes-Robinson's assessment of the same car at 1:51.9 and same track last year when he indicated the car still was capable of more speed with the proper adjustments. As you can see from the attached results from today's race EFR was correct.

Notice the 38 car ran faster laps than Jamie France in the France Family Daytona Prototype and Richard Grupp in the #145 Kudzu GTP car (and others). The REAL race for the entire contest was between the 145 car and Dalton in the 38 with Dalton leading the most laps between the two until a shifting error allowed the 145 car to get past on the closing lap.

Congratulations to Dalton Zehr on his excellent performance in the Shelby CAN-AM, once again. Dalton demonstrated why his significant talents as the 2013 ASA Circle Track National Champion transfers directly into road racing on some of the worlds most legendary tracks and competing respectably with some of the best pre-2008 sports racing cars in the world.

Well done Mr. Zehr.



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